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Strategy to improve student experience and promote research

  • Boost for students: New strategy will enhance the student experience.

    Boost for students: New strategy will enhance the student experience.

    A commitment to improve the student experience and increase international research collaborations is part of the University’s latest strategic plan, Growing Esteem 2015- 2020.

    The plan, published in July, aims to build on the strengths and achievements of the University’s past decade while creating a secure future for the institution. 

    Under the plan, students will benefit from increases in quality accommodation, work-based learning opportunities such as internships and study abroad options. 

    Timetables will be made more flexible and new opportunities created for students from all backgrounds, including Indigenous students. 

    There will also be an increased emphasis on international research collaboration with industry and other partners, and a growth in public engagement with communities in Melbourne and Australia. 

    Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis AC says student numbers will grow in the key areas of engineering and science to ensure the University can be globally competitive. “There will be some programs in other faculties that may grow at the graduate level, but this is going to be done in a targeted and considered way,” he says. 

    “The development of graduate online programs will also play a part, and create a truly global student cohort that will experience the University in different and exciting ways.” 

    Professor Davis says the current environment means the University needs to make some big decisions about how it continues to evolve. “In many ways we are thriving, but this document isn’t about the present. It’s a competitive sector. It’s about asking ourselves what do we need to do to make sure our future is secure, while staying true to the principles we established 10 years ago.” 

    Read the strategy in full.