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  • 04b

    New face of medicine: A report on the development of 3D-printed arteries appeared on the Pursuit multi-media platform

    University of Melbourne research is changing the world – from the development of 3D-printed replacement arteries, to revealing the impact of a paleo diet on health, to finding novel ways of controlling Australia’s cane toad problem.

    And now there’s a new place to learn about these discoveries: the University’s new multi-media platform, Pursuit.

    The stories on Pursuit are as diverse as the University’s academics themselves. Recent items look at how Australian TV became flooded with US imports, the discovery of 20 new fish species, why China needs to come clean on its military plans and progress in the fight against malaria.

    Editor Phil Gardner says the mix, significance and breadth of stories on Pursuit is already attracting readers from around the world.

    “The common thread through everything on Pursuit – story, video, graphic or podcast – is that it is all directly informed by world-leading experts,” he says. “Every piece is research-informed, authoritative and the latest in its field.”

    Pursuit’s stories vary in length and style, designed to keep you coming back on a smartphone, tablet or PC as often as you want. It is updated daily, and you can subscribe to receive regular updates alerting you to new articles in your areas of interest.

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