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Where science and art collide, Science Gallery creates unique and interactive exhibitions with the goal of nurturing young people’s interest in STEAM.

Researchers are using traces of platypus DNA left in the wild to track down dwindling populations.

The University’s LGBTIQA+ ally community, the Pride in Action Network, promotes visibility and inclusivity of diverse gender and sexuality identities.

The University holds a treasure trove of material authored by alumni that is being shared freely across the globe.

Archaeologist Dr Brent Davis won the Michael Ventris Award for Mycenaean Studies in recognition of his work on undeciphered Aegean scripts.

The heart of the University’s Southbank campus, the Ian Potter Southbank Centre, officially opened in June 2019.

The Old Quad is the foundational building of the Parkville campus and endures as the strongest connection to the University’s fledgling years.

Professor Sally Smart is deeply familiar with the delight that is intrinsic to making her large-scale assemblages, paintings and performance-video work.

Back on campus, alumnus Jack Zhang is fielding questions from students eager to grab some of his valuable time.

Lela McGregor is passionate about positive psychology.