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Leaving Melbourne doesn’t mean leaving the University behind

  • Wherever you are, you’re likely to find other University of Melbourne alumni. At the last count, there were nearly 338,000 graduates in 156 countries.

    In a number of locations – Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam and the United Kingdom – there are active alumni associations, driven by volunteers. Each runs a program of events to connect alumni with each other and keep them involved in the life of the University.

    “The associations provide networks for all University of Melbourne alumni, wherever they are in the world, at whatever stage in their career,” says Jaclyn Birtchnell, the University’s Alumni Relations Manager (Advocacy and Recognition).

    “They are invaluable for new alumni in that they instantly expand their social and professional networks, and offer the potential for career support, professional development and employment opportunities.GA000774

    “But they also offer the chance for more established members of the alumni community to share knowledge with others in the same industry and explore new partnerships.”

    One easy way for graduates to connect with their local network is by attending a Welcome Home event. These events, organised by the University’s Alumni Relations team in partnership with the alumni associations, bring new and older alumni together to share their experiences of Melbourne.

    “Attending a Welcome Home event is often the first step in making connections that last a lifetime,” Birtchnell says.

    Even in countries without formal alumni associations, there are opportunities to connect with fellow graduates. In 2014, events for international alumni included exclusive dinners with travelling academics in Uganda and Malawi, cocktail functions in Taipei, Cambodia and the Philippines, and large-scale events, hosted by Australian state and federal governments, for alumni living in Denmark, Germany and Oman, among others.

    “Getting involved with your local alumni community is a way of tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience,” Birtchnell says.

    Alumni are urged to keep the University informed of their mailing address and supply a current email address, so they can be invited to relevant activities.

    Birtchnell says: “We love to hear where alumni are and what they are doing, and it means they won’t miss out on any exciting opportunities.”

    To learn more about alumni associations, or find your nearest one, visit our Alumni Associations page.

    Update your contact details via the InTouch alumni portal.