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Bonus episode: How to stay positive during assisted reproductive treatment

University of Melbourne alumna and counsellor Suellen Peak shares her top three tips for looking after your mental health when you’re trying to conceive using assisted reproduction. For more from Suellen, listen to The Fertility Counsellor episode below. Read the transcript.


The Fertility Counsellor

If you’re trying to get pregnant through assisted reproduction, you’re probably already looking after your physical health. But what about your mental health? That’s where University of Melbourne alumna Suellen Peak comes in. She’s a counsellor who uses positive psychology techniques to support people who need a bit of help from science to conceive. She explains how focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses has changed her career, and helped hundreds of would-be parents. Read the transcript.


The War Zone Doctor

Dr Kat Franklin has practised medicine in some of the world’s most challenging and dangerous places, including Afghanistan, South Sudan and Iraq. She tells us why and how she does it – and how, of all the places she’s been, Oxford University, with its Harry Potter-style buildings, was one of the strangest. Read the transcript.


The Bequests Manager 

Who’s going to get your money when you die? Will it all go to your family? What else could you do with it? Dr Jennifer Henry could help you work that out. Once a plant scientist, Jennifer now spends her days working with people who want to leave gifts in their wills to support the University of Melbourne. Jennifer and some of the people she works with explain why leaving a legacy is so important. Read the transcript.


The Zoo Vet 

Dr Kath Adriaanse, who graduated from the University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program in 2014, is veterinary resident at Melbourne Zoo. She can find herself looking after any one of the 3000+ animals there – from the tiniest frog right up to an elephant. In this episode, she takes us on a tour of the zoo and shares some of the tricks of her trade – including how to anaesthetise a fish. Read the transcript.


The Name Doctor 

Names: we all want to get them right, but it’s not always easy – particularly when you are dealing with people from other cultures. But Fiona Price is here to help. A University of Melbourne alumna with a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, she plays a most important role at the University’s graduation ceremonies – reading out graduands’ names. And there’s a lot more to it than you might think. Read the transcript.


The Comedian 

How does a psychology degree help you become a stand-up comedian? Where do Melbourne comics go when the Australian comedy festival season is over? And what’s it like to hand over your best lines to some of comedy’s greatest performers? Simon Taylor, a stand-up with thousands of shows under his belt, and writer for comedy stars Jay Leno and Shaun Micallef, answers these questions and more. Read the transcript.


Series trailer

What happens after you leave university? Will you end up doing exactly what you trained for, or something else entirely? In the 3010 podcast, we meet University of Melbourne alumni on career paths that have taken them to interesting – and sometimes unexpected – places. The companion podcast to 3010, the University’s magazine for alumni and friends. Read the transcript.