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"I am very glad to remain connected"

  • Rachel Teo_NEW

    Singapore-based Alumni Council member Rachel Teo (BCom 1991, PGDipEco 1992, International House) is a strong advocate for the benefits of overseas associations. Rachel kept in touch with the University following graduation but only became actively involved in the Singapore Alumni Association when it looked like it might close down, helping revive it with some other local alumni.

    It has since gone from strength to strength and each year runs a dynamic program of activities to engage and entertain the 4,500-plus alumni living in Singapore.

    “I have been involved with the alumni association for over 10 years now,” Teo says. “I am very glad to remain connected as I get to meet more alumni, both younger and older. I enjoy meeting new alumni and am always happy to learn of their involvement with different sectors.

    “I encourage new graduates to continue building their network as they will get to meet more alumni and through it make valuable friendships. Indirectly there will be mentors that you may meet along the way and in time you will also likely mentor someone younger.”

    Indonesian-born graduate Ryan Himawan (BCom 2012) has also connected with peers in his home country. “When I was there, Melbourne never felt like home to me,” he says. “However, now that I have left Melbourne, I feel like I am missing it the way I missed my home during my early uni years.

    “I think that it is important to stay connected with my fellow alumni because I believe to achieve great things, one needs to collaborate with fellow great individuals, and UoM grads happen to fill that description.

    “Besides, I need friends to reminisce with and share the nostalgia that I have for Melbourne.”