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Editorial Advisory Group 2019
Dr James Allan, Director, Alumni and Stakeholder Relations
Doron Ben-Meir, Vice-Principal for Enterprise
Zoe Furman (BA(Hons)1991), University of Melbourne Alumni Council
Dr Jennifer Henry (BAgr(Hons) 1990, PhD 2001), Senior Manager, Gifts in Wills
Peter Kronborg, (MBA 1979) University of Melbourne Alumni Council
Maxine McKew, Honorary Enterprise Professor at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Dr Damian Powell (BA(Hons) 1989), Principal, Janet Clarke Hall
Caroline Strong, Associate Director, Brand Vision and Delivery

Cecilia Dowling
Hassan Esufally (BCom 2014, International House, Ormond College)
Anders Furze (MJourn 2016)
Raymond Gill (BA 1983, LLB 1984, Ormond College)
Susanna Ling
Val McFarlane
Kendall Richmond
Andrew Stephens
Lani Thorpe
Gary Tippet
Peter Wilmoth

Kate Bowman
Christian Capurro
Peter Casamento
Drew Echberg
Chris Hopkins
Stephen McKenzie
O’Rourke & Gates
Bec Walton

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