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Campbell Macknight, who has been working as a Protection Officer with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for the past eight years, has reached a crossroads.

Meet Nick Blinco, the University’s new Vice-Principal (Advancement).

There’s more to the bubbles in champagne than meets the eye.

A vintage synthesiser famed for its role in Doctor Who has been resurrected for current students to enjoy.

The rise of children’s adventure stories – and the changing society they reflect – are explored in an exhibition at the Baillieu Library on Parkville campus.

Chris Weaver meets the woman who helps charities stick to the rules.

Every year, Kevin Hawkins spends one week starving himself and convincing others to do the same.

The Centre for Neural Engineering is challenging our ideas about how disorders such as schizophrenia will be treated in the future. In this exclusive 3010 video, Maxine McKew speaks to Centre Director Professor Stan Skafidas about the possibilities.

From Pompeii and Herculaneum to the Melbourne Now exhibition, here are five key moments in street art history.