University of Melbourne Magazine

As the world’s population soars, millions of people are at risk from earthquakes. University researchers are working to identify the risks and minimise the losses.

The University is leading a nationwide initiative to vastly improve opportunities for Indigenous engineering students and increase the number of Indigenous engineers working in Australia.

It’s the stuff of science fiction: printers that can create not just plastic or metal objects, but food and even body parts. Bernard Meade (BA, BSc 1996), organiser of the University’s annual 3D printing showcase, explains how this technology will change how we live. Val McFarlane reports.

David Zhu is taking advantage of China’s huge demand for Australian dairy produce.

Illusionist Simon Coronel on the links between psychology, engineering and magic.

Australia needs a new generation of entrepreneurs, and the University is working hard to generate them.

A major new collaborative research centre will revolutionise the way we respond to natural and man-made disasters.

At just 26, Katie Potts has become a founding research fellow at the University’s Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety.