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A world-first high-tech classroom launched at the University will help researchers to better understand how learning takes place in the brain and to improve teaching.

The University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education (MGSE) has launched a Massive Open Online Course – or MOOC – on how to give school children the skills to survive in a world of everchanging technology.

ACE National Conference – What counts as quality in education?

Teachers can impart a set of skills that will help students to navigate their 21st century environment.

Positive psychology is an evidence-based discipline that seeks to boost the well-being of all individuals – not just those with a diagnosed mental condition.

Australian children from disadvantaged economic backgrounds are falling further behind as the academic gap between rich and poor students widens, a world authority on education has warned.

Over the past few years there has been growing concern with and focus on the quality of teachers in Australia. There have been a range of simplistic, unproven or disproved remedies promoted by various bodies to ‘fix’ teachers and teaching.

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education is a world leader in teaching and research that is making a difference internationally.