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Associate Professor Alex Johnson is using GM technology to bolster nutrients in rice. “You could say we’ve fooled the rice into thinking it’s hungry.”

Scientists are facing up to the challenge of food security and sustainability on myriad fronts.

The University’s chief has a lot on his plate, which he is relishing. Peter Wilmoth talks to Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell.

Music is helping people with dementia to connect with their carers.

Professor Kerry Landman, a leader in the field of applied mathematics, aims to share the beauty of maths by supporting future teachers in the field.

Two distinctive art galleries built by alumni are drawing international audiences.

A program pairing local alumni with international students is making for rewarding cultural exchanges.

Millions of people are being forced to flee the places they call home.

An Australian company recreates a New York icon on Broadway.

Five questions for Andrea O’Connor, chemical engineer.