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A new STELaRLab is set to be established in the heart of the University’s engineering and science innovation precinct.

Beth Jens had to plot a circuitous route into space. A newly launched University program should make it easier for the next generation of students.

Primates at Melbourne Zoo are getting into the swing of a new way to play.

He’s become one of Australia’s most celebrated landscape gardeners, and one of Burnley’s most famous graduates. So what drives Paul Bangay?

Mandy Jones abandoned early plans for a career in petrochemicals and opted for winemaking instead – a decision that paid off.

Plans to create a dynamic new venue for science and art collaboration at the University of Melbourne are well under way.

As the world’s population soars, millions of people are at risk from earthquakes. University researchers are working to identify the risks and minimise the losses.

Climate change could make the food we eat less tasty in future, say University of Melbourne researchers.

A gold mine in western Victoria has become the unlikely setting for a mission to resolve one of science’s great mysteries: what holds the universe together?

Melbourne scientists are hoping to unravel the mysteries of dark matter in a new laboratory to be constructed in the depths of a Victorian gold mine. But what exactly is dark matter?