University of Melbourne Magazine

Associate Professor Alex Johnson is using GM technology to bolster nutrients in rice. “You could say we’ve fooled the rice into thinking it’s hungry.”

“The opportunity to be Google’s managing director means I can actually make a bit of a difference when it comes to promoting digitisation.”

Dr Kanchana Kanchanasut is the woman responsible for connecting Thailand to the internet.

Feral predators become opportunists following a forest fire, researchers have found.

In 2008, the University underwent the biggest transformation in its history when it introduced a groundbreaking new curriculum.

Cancer researchers are usually in the business of shrinking tumours. Dr Elizabeth Vincan wants to grow them.

A group of University of Melbourne researchers has conquered the seemingly impossible task of generating and storing pure oxygen without electrical power.

Physics at the University of Melbourne has been advanced with the announcement of two major gifts.

Hundreds of University staff and students are engaged in critical climate change research.