University of Melbourne Magazine

A massive building project at the heart of the historic Parkville site is enhancing the student experience.

A new station will connect the University into Melbourne’s rail network by 2026.

The University of Melbourne is a top destination for the world’s brightest students, with more than 12,000 people from 130 countries taking advantage of the University’s wide-ranging opportunities.

On graduating, many head home to apply their newfound skills and learning, and to make a difference in their own communities.

Melbourne’s massive underground rail project is drawing on the wide-ranging skills of University alumni.

In 2008, the University underwent the biggest transformation in its history when it introduced a groundbreaking new curriculum.

The synopsis: Four driven, young graduates come together in a Hollywood house to pursue their movie dreams.

She has 21 works to her name, and her words ring out in theatres across the world. Yet Joanna Murray-Smith describes herself as a reluctant playwright.

Nathaniel Swain credits studying Japanese with kick-starting his passion for speech and language.

Picture a top interior designer on holidays sitting by a forest stream. Suddenly she spies a moss-covered rock with exactly the shade of green she’s been looking for.