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Twins shared their undergraduate years at the University. But embarking on very different study paths has led to two distinctly successful global careers.

Two distinctive art galleries built by alumni are drawing international audiences.

Professor Sally Smart is deeply familiar with the delight that is intrinsic to making her large-scale assemblages, paintings and performance-video work.

Back on campus, alumnus Jack Zhang is fielding questions from students eager to grab some of his valuable time.

Lela McGregor is passionate about positive psychology.

Instagram’s John Tass-Parker has worked for two Australian prime ministers, in the movie industry in Los Angeles and as a wedding photographer, and has recently been listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30.

Since 2017, Dr Ada Cheung has focused her physician expertise and research skills on improving medical services for transgender Australians.

Hassan Esufally has completed marathons in seven locations.

3010 is now more than a magazine – it’s a podcast too. The 3010 podcast will take you into the lives of some of our amazing alumni, revealing the fantastic – and, occasionally, surprising – places their Melbourne degree has taken them.

“The opportunity to be Google’s managing director means I can actually make a bit of a difference when it comes to promoting digitisation.”