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Details of the Union House recognition events and New Student Precinct project information.

The Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness will provide global leadership in research, teaching and engagement activities aimed at reducing statelessness and protecting the rights of the 10 million stateless people in the world.

These days we send most of our alumni correspondence by email – apart from 3010.

Alumni awards, honours and achievements.

The Li Ka Shing Foundation has made its first ever donation to an Australian university.

Australian football, part of Melbourne’s fabric, has long been dominated by men – until this year.

Cancer researchers are usually in the business of shrinking tumours. Dr Elizabeth Vincan wants to grow them.

Picture a top interior designer on holidays sitting by a forest stream. Suddenly she spies a moss-covered rock with exactly the shade of green she’s been looking for.

Judge Wendy Wilmoth is one of Victoria’s most experienced and esteemed judges. Pinar Tat is a third-year law student at the University of Melbourne.