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Ambitious plan to cut emissions

  • The University has announced an ambitious four-year strategy committing it to action on climate change and its impacts.

    Solar panels

    Under the Sustainability Plan 2017–2020, released in January, the University will become carbon neutral by 2030, achieve zero net emissions from electricity by 2021, and report annually on its sustainability impact and performance.

    Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis says the plan positions the University as a leader in sustainable practice and innovation.

    “The Sustainability Plan reflects the consolidated efforts and collective will of the University community, responding to public expectations of the role we should play as a university in helping meet a grand challenge of our age,” he says.

    The plan also pushes for aspects of sustainability to be embedded in all undergraduate curricula, as well as outlining the University’s response to calls to divest from fossil fuel-intensive companies.

    Developed in consultation with students, staff, alumni and community partners, the plan reflects a commitment to embed sustainability at all levels of University operations.

    The Spot Building (home to the Faculty of Business and Economics) and the Nona Lee Sports Centre are among six sites on the Parkville campus recently fitted with solar panels. These are expected to reduce the University’s carbon footprint by about 850 tonnes per year.

    View the Sustainability Plan online.