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A friendly face in a foreign land

  • Odgerel, one of only 19 Mongolian students in Victoria, has worked hard to integrate with Campbell’s family and friends. She has introduced them to Mongolian tea (which contains milk, herbs, barley and salt), while they have shown her Brighton’s bathing boxes.

    “I took a lot of pictures,” Odgerel says. “Seeing the sea was nice – at home it is several thousand kilometres away.”

    Last month they attended a Michael Bublé concert together after it emerged the crooner is very popular in Mongolia. “I mentioned that we listened to Michael Bublé at home – who knew I would see him in Melbourne?” Odgerel says.

    Such unlikely discoveries break down barriers and lie at the heart of Welcome to Melbourne’s success.

    Campbell heartily recommends becoming a student host. “We all learn something about other cultures,” she says. “But what I’ve gained the most are many joyous relationships.”

    – Chris Weaver (BA, LLB 2006)

    Hosts are needed for the next Welcome to Melbourne program. To find out more visit the InTouch alumni portal or call the alumni relations team on +61 3 8344 1746.