University of Melbourne Magazine

Cancer researchers are usually in the business of shrinking tumours. Dr Elizabeth Vincan wants to grow them.

Imagine a museum where you can trace your heartbeat, test your blood or learn to pick locks.

Picture a top interior designer on holidays sitting by a forest stream. Suddenly she spies a moss-covered rock with exactly the shade of green she’s been looking for.

It’s a big jump from the tiny bronzed booties parents once kept as a memento of their new-born child to a three-dimensional model of their baby’s face in the womb, transformed from ultrasound images into an amazing 3D-printed relief sculpture.

A group of University of Melbourne researchers has conquered the seemingly impossible task of generating and storing pure oxygen without electrical power.

When three of the world’s biggest high-tech companies expressed alarm that university graduates lacked the 21st century skills needed in the digital age, it triggered a revolution now affecting higher education and schools across the globe.

The University has announced an ambitious four-year strategy committing it to action on climate change and its impacts.

Judge Wendy Wilmoth is one of Victoria’s most experienced and esteemed judges. Pinar Tat is a third-year law student at the University of Melbourne.

Angelita Teo has a vivid memory of racing through the Louvre as a child, eager to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa first-hand.

Dr Julie Barnes always liked working with Australian animals, but these days, she’s concentrating on conserving endangered North American species.