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David Zhu is taking advantage of China’s huge demand for Australian dairy produce.

Illusionist Simon Coronel on the links between psychology, engineering and magic.

Australia needs a new generation of entrepreneurs, and the University is working hard to generate them.

A major new collaborative research centre will revolutionise the way we respond to natural and man-made disasters.

At just 26, Katie Potts has become a founding research fellow at the University’s Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety.

Dr Kathryn Mumford on living and working in Antarctica.

The Centre for Neural Engineering is challenging our ideas about how disorders such as schizophrenia will be treated in the future. In this exclusive 3010 video, Maxine McKew speaks to Centre Director Professor Stan Skafidas about the possibilities.

The trick to most successful startups is using technology to identify a solution to a customer need, one that saves time and money. Startups that survive and thrive disrupt markets with simple solutions, making it easy for developers to raise cash and develop their business. It’s every budding entrepreneur’s dream. Angela Martinkus talks to three graduates who have pulled it off.

A team of researchers from the University of Melbourne is leading large-scale field experiments to evaluate how consumers respond to smart meter technologies.

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