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Her Instagram profile describes her as a “raging Aussie”, yet she’s also one of Bollywood’s leading ladies.

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Dissatisfied with campus fare, Salvatore Malatesta did something about it. Now he is exporting Melbourne’s cafe culture to the world.

Anna Funder’s award-winning books are vividly grounded in time, place and historical fact, which makes her return to Australia to write a new novel a fascinating prospect.

Matching executives with companies is part science, part art, says China-based management whiz Justin Fung.

After a long legal struggle, two Australian drug smugglers were executed in Indonesia earlier this year. For their team of defence lawyers, the journey was both harrowing and uplifting.

A Melbourne alumna is set to be Victoria’s next head of state.

Alumna Yao Yi is at the heart of Beijing’s rapidly-changing legal scene.

The freedom, creativity, autonomy, excitement and fulfilment of street and public art capture alumna Kaff-eine’s attention, and her heart.