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Anna Funder’s award-winning books are vividly grounded in time, place and historical fact, which makes her return to Australia to write a new novel a fascinating prospect.

Matching executives with companies is part science, part art, says China-based management whiz Justin Fung.

After a long legal struggle, two Australian drug smugglers were executed in Indonesia earlier this year. For their team of defence lawyers, the journey was both harrowing and uplifting.

A Melbourne alumna is set to be Victoria’s next head of state.

Alumna Yao Yi is at the heart of Beijing’s rapidly-changing legal scene.

The freedom, creativity, autonomy, excitement and fulfilment of street and public art capture alumna Kaff-eine’s attention, and her heart.

The trick to most successful startups is using technology to identify a solution to a customer need, one that saves time and money. Startups that survive and thrive disrupt markets with simple solutions, making it easy for developers to raise cash and develop their business. It’s every budding entrepreneur’s dream. Angela Martinkus talks to three graduates who have pulled it off.

Audette Exel has deployed her skill in global finance to help the poor in the world’s remotest areas.