University of Melbourne Magazine

Dissatisfied with campus fare, Salvatore Malatesta did something about it. Now he is exporting Melbourne’s cafe culture to the world.

Mandy Jones abandoned early plans for a career in petrochemicals and opted for winemaking instead – a decision that paid off.

As the world’s population soars, millions of people are at risk from earthquakes. University researchers are working to identify the risks and minimise the losses.

A vintage synthesiser famed for its role in Doctor Who has been resurrected for current students to enjoy.

A fresh generation of educators is being schooled in a different approach to the classroom. By Maxine McKew

It’s the stuff of science fiction: printers that can create not just plastic or metal objects, but food and even body parts. Bernard Meade (BA, BSc 1996), organiser of the University’s annual 3D printing showcase, explains how this technology will change how we live. Val McFarlane reports.

Many women are frustrated by the slow pace of change in the gender balance in corporate Australia.

When disasters strike, forensic scientist Pamela Craig is often one of the first on the scene, using her dental knowledge to identify victims.

Australia’s Rio Olympics team is eyeing a top-five finish in the 2016 medal rankings, and chef de mission Kitty Chiller is pulling out all stops to achieve it.