University of Melbourne Magazine

Dr Julie Barnes always liked working with Australian animals, but these days, she’s concentrating on conserving endangered North American species.

Two breadth subjects at the University cover a fair bit of beer-making and drinking territory, with help from alumni Paul and Natasha Holgate.

Dr Stephen Cutter and Dr Ella Richardson run The Ark animal hospital in Darwin, treating over 1000 wildlife cases a year.

There’s more to the bubbles in champagne than meets the eye.

Dr Charmaine Tham is leading the fight against rabies through her work with Vets Beyond Borders.

Melbourne students are working to improve public health and animal welfare in Sikkim, in the Himalayan foothills.

Climate change could make the food we eat less tasty in future, say University of Melbourne researchers.

The ‘living laboratory’ of Dookie Campus gives students a high-tech grasp of our future food needs.