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Australia needs a new generation of entrepreneurs, and the University is working hard to generate them.

What do marshmallows have to do with economics? The Decision Neuroscience Laboratory is finding out.

A close encounter with investment banker Mark Carnegie, a provocateur with a disarming vision for transforming society.

The class of 2015 will find themselves entering a very different world of work than their predecessors of even a decade ago. Val McFarlane meets the men examining how we work now – and what the future might bring.

George Sykiotis, the man behind some of Melbourne’s most popular restaurants, reflects on his university years and the birth of his business empire.

Professor Peter Bossaerts freely admits that he is considered something of an oddball in the world of finance and economics, but his radical ideas could help solve some of the world’s biggest financial issues. Val McFarlane meets him.

Meet alumnus Simon Griffiths, who blends business with philanthropy.

The Faculty of Business and Economics Career Mentoring program is successfully matching hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students with business professionals in mentoring partnerships.