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Robyn Shackell reflects on her role as Warrnambool’s first and only female priest.

Illusionist Simon Coronel on the links between psychology, engineering and magic.

Chris Weaver meets the woman who helps charities stick to the rules.

We can now access huge amounts of knowledge from the human genome – but this knowledge doesn’t come for free. Christine Kenneally explores the implications of being able to unpick our most personal data.

From boat to schoolyard to Australian future, a new research project will examine the history of our child refugees.

Three PhD candidates working on a project exploring the history of child refugees have a special link with the work – they were all child refugees themselves.

Every year, Kevin Hawkins spends one week starving himself and convincing others to do the same.

A new study by the University, published in the journal Sporting Traditions, questions the origins of Aussie rules.

The freedom, creativity, autonomy, excitement and fulfilment of street and public art capture alumna Kaff-eine’s attention, and her heart.