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The synopsis: Four driven, young graduates come together in a Hollywood house to pursue their movie dreams.

She has 21 works to her name, and her words ring out in theatres across the world. Yet Joanna Murray-Smith describes herself as a reluctant playwright.

Nathaniel Swain credits studying Japanese with kick-starting his passion for speech and language.

Picture a top interior designer on holidays sitting by a forest stream. Suddenly she spies a moss-covered rock with exactly the shade of green she’s been looking for.

Angelita Teo has a vivid memory of racing through the Louvre as a child, eager to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa first-hand.

A new era for the Faculty of Arts began with the start of Semester Two and the opening of the Arts West building.

Even the French are awed by Ted Gott’s deep knowledge of their art and culture.

Alumna Anya Adair has always loved languages.

Her Instagram profile describes her as a “raging Aussie”, yet she’s also one of Bollywood’s leading ladies.

At 87, Nigel Dick isn’t ready for retirement. He’s poured his experience at the top of the Australian television industry into his latest project – a PhD.