University of Melbourne Magazine

The synopsis: Four driven, young graduates come together in a Hollywood house to pursue their movie dreams.

Australian football, part of Melbourne’s fabric, has long been dominated by men – until this year.

She has 21 works to her name, and her words ring out in theatres across the world. Yet Joanna Murray-Smith describes herself as a reluctant playwright.

Thousands of people – victims, defendants, witnesses and lawyers – pass through Victoria’s Magistrates’ Courts every day, all seeking justice.

At ­first blush they may seem a little macabre, but the exhibits in the University’s Anatomy Museum provide a great teaching resource – and the odd mystery.

Shaun Holthouse loves sport, though he has more aptitude for maths and science than any natural talent on the field.

Nathaniel Swain credits studying Japanese with kick-starting his passion for speech and language.

Cancer researchers are usually in the business of shrinking tumours. Dr Elizabeth Vincan wants to grow them.

Imagine a museum where you can trace your heartbeat, test your blood or learn to pick locks.

Picture a top interior designer on holidays sitting by a forest stream. Suddenly she spies a moss-covered rock with exactly the shade of green she’s been looking for.