University of Melbourne Magazine

Melbourne’s musical reputation will be enhanced by a new Conservatorium at the heart of the city’s Arts Precinct.

Dr Stephen Cutter and Dr Ella Richardson run The Ark animal hospital in Darwin, treating over 1000 wildlife cases a year.

Physics at the University of Melbourne has been advanced with the announcement of two major gifts.

A new era for the Faculty of Arts began with the start of Semester Two and the opening of the Arts West building.

Hundreds of University staff and students are engaged in critical climate change research.

Even the French are awed by Ted Gott’s deep knowledge of their art and culture.

A chance botanical encounter reveals what the explorers knew long ago: that Australia’s Indigenous people had been cultivating crops well before the first Europeans arrived.

George Megalogenis has made it his mission to help Australians understand their country.

The University of Melbourne is one of Australia’s major research organisations, with expenditure second only to the CSIRO, and the largest cohort of research students in Australia.

The Alumni Council plays an important role in shaping the University, ensuring the connection with students past and present is strong.